Now Available: “Staffing Up: The Attorney’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent”

“Smart, straight-forward, and insightful guidance for attorneys to grow their firms and thrive. Excellent and easily achievable action item lists that leave no more excuses for procrastinators.”

James Wu, California Labor & Employment Chair, Quarles & Brady and President of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (2018, 2019)

What is your biggest hiring challenge?

I Need Candidates

I Need Candidates

Learn powerful best practices to position yourself for hiring success.

I Need to Hire Heroes, Not Zeroes

I Need to Hire Heroes, Not Zeroes

Learn best practices to prevent hiring mistakes.

I Need to Retain My Employees

I Need to Retain My Employees

Learn how to retain your best employees for years.

“If you are a solo or small firm owner…and dread the thought of hiring, read this book! The online resources that go with the book are also very helpful. It’s hard to take the leap to hire, but [Staffing Up] is an excellent first step”.”

Jen Lee, Owner, Jen Lee Law

“You’re making a mistake if you’re considering hiring without reading this guide. Even if you’re not hiring now, it has important tips on laying the groundwork now to hire in the future”.”

Saja Raoof, Owner, Raoof Law

“[Staffing Up] breaks down the hiring process into simple, manageable steps. If you are just starting to hire employees or streamline the process, this book [on hiring top talent] is for you.”.”

Erin Jacobson, the Music Industry Lawyer

You can’t build a great law firm with mediocre employees.

MASTER THE ART & SCIENCE OF HIRING FOR YOUR LAW FIRM! Staffing Up offers a proven system for hiring high quality people for any role in your law firm. It’s simple, practical, and fast so that it’s easy to use, effective to apply, and saves you time.