Alay Yajnik

The 20/10/5 Rule: Your Key to Stress-Free Success

Many small firm service professionals find themselves plagued by 3 Specific Issues that directly affect their income, happiness, and stress-levels.

Are There Issues Standing in the Way of Your Success?

This article explains the simple framework many successful service professionals have used to identify and subsequently fix the critical issues in their firms. The 20/10/5 Rule is the ultimate key to achieving—and managing—professional success.

This FREE Download Outlines:

  • The Three (3) Specific Issues that Stand in the Way of Professional Success
  • A Proven Solution to Each Issue
  • The Fundamentals of the 20/10/5 Rule
  • How to Implement the 20/10/5 Rule in Your Firm
  • Utilizing the 20/10/5 Rule for Maximum Growth and Revenue

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