We are your Personal Trainers for Business Development.

Business Development Training for Lawyers that is customized to your needs.

Most lawyers are not natural rainmakers.

But every lawyer has it within themselves to be a rainmaker. Including you.

You don’t need a certain personality, nor do you have to change who you are or sacrifice your life to be great at developing business.

You just need to learn how to create your own business development system that plays to your strengths while leveraging proven strategies.

As a driven attorney, you know that building a Book of Business is critical to your future. It provides more income, better clients and less stress while giving you the professional success and freedom you want.

The fastest, most effective way to learn any skill is by using an expert personal trainer. It works for pro athletes, musicians, executives, and yes… attorneys!

Why waste your time with online courses, traveling to seminars, or group coaching? Working with an expert who “gets you” is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to unleash your hidden rainmaker.

“For an efficient, insightful and candid analysis of your practice, I recommend engaging Lawyer Business Advantage. Their experience is a valuable resource which allows them to succinctly suggest simple or complex ideas to help manage your practice. This approach is refreshingly practical in our over-technical world.”
Joe Wolch, Family Law Attorney
Build Your Book of Business with Lawyer Business Advantage

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Business Development for Lawyers. Customized for You.

Lawyer Business Advantage Business Development Training

This Program Is For You If You Are A:


You are a solo practitioner. You want more clients (and better quality clients) so that you can have a great income, take more time off, and create a practice that you love.

Small Firm

You are a (co-)owner of a small firm. You need to “make it rain” with a steady stream of clients to support your growing team, so that you don’t have to worry about making payroll.

Mid-Size Firm

As a partner / shareholder, you want to bring bigger cases into the firm, and attract clients who pay a higher rates. You know that if you do that, you’ll make more money AND take more vacations.


You are an associate, and you want to become a partner/shareholder. To do that, you need to build your book of business while still meeting your billable targets.

This Program Is NOT For You If:

You are looking for a magic wand or miracle – you know, instant results with no work on your part. Biz Dev doesn’t work that way. And beware of programs that promise them!

You are unwilling to change anything – if you want to change your results, you have to be receptive to changing your approach. Don’t worry…We give you the insights, tools, and support you need.

You are unwilling to take action – learning and executing business development takes action. We give you lots of short cuts and best practices…but you need to implement it.

You are not nice. We select our clients and only work with nice people. If you’re not nice, this program isn’t for you (no offense).

“I began to work with Lawyer Business Advantage after receiving a recommendation from a friend who was working with them. I recommend them highly. They have great insight and knowledge, but even more importantly, they individualize their work so that each client gets exactly what he or she needs by using a variety of tools, and customizing the experience. The coaching has made a very positive impact on my practice and my bottom line.”
Emily De Falla, Family Law and Mediation

Why Business Development Training Programs Fail

Business development programs, even reputable ones, fail as often as they succeed. We studied seven other programs to discover why. Here are the three weaknesses that we found:

Not based on personal instruction.

One-on-one personal instruction is the most effective because it’s focused on you, customized to you, and completely confidential. We can dig deep, discuss situations, and implement plans will play to your strengths and get results for you. Online trainings, in personal seminars, and group coaching simply can’t match it.

The program teaches what worked for the founders (successful attorneys).

It worked for them. But if it doesn’t work for you, you’re out of luck. And business development constantly evolves…so what worked 20 years ago may not be as effective today.

No accountability.

Many coaching programs provide little, if any, accountability. They do not push you to take action, do not remind you of action steps, and do not discuss consequences when actions don’t happen. You’re extremely busy, and accountability is critical to ensure business development actions get done and you move forward.

How Lawyer Business Advantage Works

1. You schedule a free consultation with one of our instructors to see if we’re a fit.

2. If we are a fit, we’ll schedule your first coaching session…it’s free!

3. At the end of the free session, we schedule your next session…or not!

4. Each membership includes:

     – One-on-one private instruction with your expert instructor

     – Full access to our online content including videos, systems, forms, and templates

     – Access to our private Member Forum (social media account required)

     – Online Accountability Portal to measure and track results and action steps

     – Month-to-month membership, cancel anytime. No enrollment fees, upsells, or long term contracts.

Proven Business Development Curriculum

In addition to personal instruction, Lawyer Business Advantages includes everything you need to become a successful rainmaker, from fundamentals to expert tips. Each training module is packed with short, concise video and written lessons, tools, and action steps.

This is the perfect supplement to your personal instructor. You can get what you need, when you need it.

Module 1

Module 1:

Your One Page Strategic Plan

Module 2

Module 2:

Craft Your Message

Module 3

Module 3:

Profile Your Ideal Client

Module 4

Module 4:

Create Your Marketing Plan

Module 5

Module 5:


Module 6

Module 6:

The Client Acquisition System

Module 7

Module 7:

Making Time for Business Development

Module 8

Module 8:

The Art & Science of Business Development

Module 9

Module 9:

Identify Your Rainmaker Strengths

Module 10

Module 10:

Monetize Your Practice Areas

Module 11

Module 11:

Master LinkedIn, Social Media, Email & Online Ads

Module 12

Module 12:

Strategic Partnerships

“Alay Yajnik has helped turn our law practice into a business. He has dedicated a great deal of time and energy helping 3 women lawyers learn how to market, strategize, plan and manage a business to make us more successful. He is an excellence coach and we highly recommend him to anyone who is starting out a business or who needs help growing their business.”
Ivette Santaella, Partner at Santaella & Jahangiri

“Why is Lawyer Business Advantage Better than other Business Development Programs?”

Business Development for Lawyers

Personalized Approach that Delivers Proven Results for Lawyers

One on one expert personal instruction is the fastest way to get results. Our instructors are certified law firm business development experts. Your instructor will help you discover and unleash your inner rainmaker.

Different Approaches for Different People

Just because a technique worked for one attorney doesn’t mean it will work for you. That’s why we are experts in an array of techniques, tools, and systems. We work with you to determine the approach that will work best for you.


You have a lot going on. There are real, legitimate reasons to procrastinate on uncomfortable things like business development. Your personal instructor will hold you accountable…and will even text and email you reminders for your action items.

Doable on Your Schedule

We know that court appearances, ex parte motions, and other emergencies arise.
We know that it’s tough to attend trainings in person. That’s why our sessions are delivered by video conference or phone (your choice). And if you need to reschedule? No problem!

We Move at Your Pace

If you can’t get results soon enough…AWESOME! We will challenge you with as much as you can handle!
If you want to take more time to work through things…ABSOLUTELY! We will go as deep as you need to ensure you’re comfortable while still making progress.

We Track Results

You are working with us for specific reasons. We convert those reasons into metrics. Then we track the metrics so you can see your progress:

“I am a solo practitioner. I have been working with Alay Yajnik since I started my practice over two years ago, and his advice and support have been invaluable in facilitating the growth and success of my practice. Recently, I attended Alay’s all-day Strategic Marketing Workshop in San Francisco. The Workshop was extremely useful in enabling me to focus on defining goals for my practice and articulating the steps necessary to achieve them. Not only are the materials useful, but they are supported by Alay’s patient and supportive approach. I can recommend Alay’s services without reservation.”
Terry Church, IP and Business Transaction Attorney

“I hate networking…will this really work for me?”

Yes it can! To succeed at business development:



Be the “life of the party” who can talk to anyone, anywhere
Learn how to use your unique communication style to engage the right people in genuine conversation
Enjoy networking or socializing
Build authentic relationships that also generate business opportunities
Have prior business, sales, or marketing experience
Create a business development system that works for you
Use sales tactics that are pushy, sleazy, aggressive, or unethical
Utilize proven approaches used by trusted advisors

Client Success Case Study

Rebecca is an excellent lawyer and owns her own firm. She hired Lawyer Business Advantage to grow her firm from $45k per month to a million dollar law firm. She was stressed out: working during the day, “rainmaking” at night. She was trying to be a great owner, lawyer, wife, and mother, but she felt like she wasn’t doing any of them as well as she should.

Over several months, Rebecca’s revenue grew by $220k. She took four weeks off, including a two-week vacation to Hawaii. She grew her firm and got on pace to be a million dollar firm that year.

Rebecca implemented three strategies with us:

  1. She re-defined her target market to focus on the clients whom her firm serves best.
  2. Rebecca developed a network that consistently provides her with a steady stream of high-quality referrals.
  3. She went through our unique approach to creating an annual business plan for her firm, and she discovered how to structure and grow her firm so that she can work fewer hours while simultaneously growing the firm’s revenue and profit.

Re-Defining the Target Market

Rebecca re-defined her target market to focus on the clients whom her firm serves best. This is one of the proprietary strategies that we teach called Aligned Marketing, where we identify three things:

  1. The firm’s unique value (i.e. what it does best)
  2. The firm’s greater purpose beyond making money
  3. The client who prizes #1 and really appreciates #2.

This allowed Rebecca to focus her business development to attract those clients for whom her firm did their best work. This approach also freed up her time because she stopped doing the marketing activities that weren’t producing. In addition, she was able to raise her rate due to the huge value she was delivering to these clients.

The Client Acquisition System

As a second step, Rebecca utilized the Client Acquisition System, another proprietary tool that we teach. It’s an easy-to-follow process that builds you a network of referral partners from three sources: clients, power partners, and key influencers. This really got her referral engine running, and provided the steady stream of referrals needed for growth.

The One Page Strategic Plan

The third thing she implemented was the One Page Strategic Plan. It’s a tool we developed so that our clients create simple but effective business plans for the year. As she went through this process, she discovered that her primary role should be Rainmaker for the firm: that is, fill her firm’s book of business, not just hers. She also realized that she needed to delegate many of her tasks.

As a result of these shifts, Rebecca realized that running a law firm can be lucrative AND fun…if your business development supports it!

Lawyer Business Advantage - Personal Trainers for Business Development
“Alay is an experienced and competent business coach. He is naturally insightful with a laser sharp understanding of the issues faced by most small business owners. His techniques have helped me grow my business, stay focused, manage my time and organize my schedule. He is dedicated to his clients and passionate about helping businesses achieve their highest potential. He is wise and trustworthy. I highly recommend Alay.”
Lubna Jahangiri, Partner at Santaella & Jahangiri

About Alay Yajnik, Founder of Lawyer Business Advantage

Alay Yajnik’s expertise and passion is business training and coaching. He founded Lawyer Business Advantage to advise, support, and teach law firms and lawyers to implement business best practices in law firms of all sizes. Alay believes that running a law firm using business best practices results in more profit, a happier team, better clients, and more time off for everyone.

Alay is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur with over 17 years of business experience. He ran a $100 million business and built a $5 million business from the ground up. Alay holds an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and a B.S. in Engineering from U.C. San Diego. He is a certified business coach by FocalPoint International and is the recipient of the 2015 FocalPoint Kaizen Award.

As a law firm business expert and entrepreneur himself, Alay understands your challenges and has helped many lawyers and law firms successfully overcome them.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Lawyer Business Advantage’s presentation on growing a law firm was very insightful and filled with specific guidance and direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Lawyer Business Advantage to an attorney seeking advice on further developing business.


Deidre Von Rock, Estate Planning Attorney

I had the pleasure recently of attending Lawyer Business Advantage’s all-day strategic workshop for owners of solo and small law firms. The program was fast-paced, interactive, and filled with an abundance of practical tips and recommendations on how to build your Perfect Practice. I particularly appreciated the exercises that focused on targeted marketing, and the importance of measuring/tracking what’s working and what’s not. Finally, I was happy to be reminded of the importance of life/work balance as a essential element in ensuring long-term professional sanity and success.


Brian Ripley, Business Transaction Attorney

I’ve recently completed the business development course. It was engaging and really fueled the fire I need to make my business grow. I’ve had some of my best months financially since beginning this work, and the clients have been flowing in. I feel that the investment (both of time and money) was well worth it!


Sara Raymond, Principal at Law Office of Sara E. Raymond

I highly recommend Lawyer Business Advantage. They provide very practical ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and control. The One Page Strategic Plan provides an elegant method of capturing values, vision, and other core concepts into a one actionable plan.


Katherine Zarate-Dulany, Employment Attorney and Workplace Investigator

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