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We believe that each attorney and each law firm are unique, and so they require unique approaches to business development. That’s why the “one size fits all” business development trainings don’t work for many law firms and attorneys. Start building your book of business today!

The best way is to create a unique business development approach that works for you that considers the:

  • Goals, experience and expertise
  • Limited time you have available for business development
  • Business development tactics that play to your strengths
  • Capabilities of your team
  • Type of client you want
  • Fee structure you have in place
  • Amount of money you can invest into business development
  • Software and systems of your firm

Why Lawyer Business Advantage?

We’ve been working with law firms and lawyers for many years, and we’ve helped them earn millions of dollars and take weeks of vacation. In each case, we found that a customized approach is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way for our clients to overcome their business challenges and to achieve their goals.

We work with the following types of attorneys:

  • Solo and Small Firm Owners
  • Shareholder/Partner
  • Associate

What Our Clients Say

We have helped law firms add millions of dollars of revenue. Now it’s your turn.

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