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As a small firm owner, managing the day-to-day can be hard. You have to balance rainmaking, managing and hiring staff, administration, and taking care of your clients. It can be frustrating and exhausting, and it can get “lonely at the top”. We provide the guidance, support, and systems so you can build your Perfect Practice in terms of income and time off, faster and easier than you could on your own.

Lawyer Business Advantage can help you:

Gain a competitive advantage by truly differentiating yourself

Enhance your skills and improve your relationships with clients, prospects, and colleagues

Get valuable insight and best practices to manage your practice and thrive

Feel more fulfilled by achieving your goals and having time to enjoy your success

Would you benefit from a business coach?

Business Coaching can have a revolutionary impact on your business and your life, but it is not for everyone. Take our 5-minute assessment to determine if you would benefit from a business coach.

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Alay Yajnik

We would love the opportunity to share our business best practices, tools, and techniques so that together we can create the best solutions for your unique business challenges. Let’s schedule a time to chat.

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Alay Yajnik

Business Coach Trainer Advisor

Alay Yajnik’s expertise and passion is business training and coaching. He founded Lawyer Business Advantage to advise, support, and teach law firms and lawyers to implement business best practices in law firms of all sizes. Alay believes that running a law firm using business best practices results in more profit, a happier team, better clients, and more time off for everyone.

Alay is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur with over 17 years of business experience. He ran a $100 million business and built a $5 million business from the ground up. Alay holds an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and a B.S. in Engineering from U.C. San Diego. He is a certified business coach by FocalPoint International and is the recipient of the 2015 FocalPoint Kaizen Award.

As a law firm business expert and entrepreneur himself, Alay understands your challenges and has helped many lawyers and law firms successfully overcome them.

Alay Yajnik

Build Your Perfect Practice™ with Our Strategic Workshop

Our Lawyer Business Advantage Strategic Workshop will teach you the skills needed to create a thriving law practice.

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