Alay Yajnik

Hey there, it’s Alay Yajnik.

My passion is working with law firms and attorneys to help them create their Perfect Practice™ in terms of Personal Income, Vacation, and Clients.

You deserve to have your Perfect Practice™. If you’re ready to build it, I’d love to have you join us.

My best,

Those We’ve Helped

Where Do You Fit In?


I am a solo practitioner. I am interested in having a great income, taking more time off, and creating a practice that I love.

Small Firm

I am a (co-)owner of a small firm. I want to reduce my stress, take more vacation, and grow the firm while avoiding the growing pains that can happen.

Mid-Size Firm

I am a partner/shareholder. I’m thinking through strategic issues such as the future leaders of the firm, competitiveness, and business development.


I am an associate, and I want to become a partner/shareholder. I need to build my book of business, manage and lead people, and be efficient with my time.

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My guidance, your commitment.

Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, Alay believes that each leader is unique, with a unique challenge and unique solutions. Alay draws from his array of tools to ensure that the plans, techniques, and actions position each individual client for success.

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