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At Lawyer Business Advantage, we help law firms and attorneys build their book of business.

Our team of experts designs a unique business development solution that caters to your or your law firm’s specific needs.

Grow your book of business to increase your income, decrease your stress and build the practice you deserve.

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What Our Clients Say

Where Do You Fit In?


I am a solo practitioner. I am interested in having a great income, taking more time off, and creating a practice that I love.

Small Firm

I am a (co-)owner of a small firm. I want to reduce my stress, take more vacation, and grow the firm while avoiding the growing pains that can happen.

Mid-Size Firm

I am a partner/shareholder. I’m thinking through strategic issues such as the future leaders of the firm, competitiveness, and business development.


I am an associate, and I want to become a partner/shareholder. I need to build my book of business, manage and lead people, and be efficient with my time.

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